Iglo Light Windows by Drutex S.A.

The GL System profile windows are a 5-chamber system with a frame depth of 70mm with external sealing.

The 5-chamber construction of the profile with a 32% slimmer movable post with a symmetrically placed handle guarantees modern aesthetics and much more daylight, not impairing the strength and thermal parameters.

Energy efficiency:




Quality/Price Ratio:



Each Iglo Light window is equipped as standard with a 1-chamber glazing unit. The 2-chamber glass package consists of a 'float’ type glass with a thickness of 4 mm, a spacer frame with a width of 16 mm and a soft-coated thermofloat glass with a 4 mm thickness. The whole achieves a coefficient of U = 1.0 W

It is possible to equip the Iglo Light windows with a 2-chamber package with a U-coefficient of 0.5


The Iglo windows are equipped with the most modern fittings on the market – Maco Multi Matic KS, which ensure the highest level of security with fixed pins making it difficult to break in. Maco Multi Matic KS fittings are a new dimension of safety!

It is possible to adjust the fittings to anti-burglary standards. Ask for details when ordering.


The windows are covered with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty does not expire in the case of clients’ individual, but proper, installation.

We provide post-warranty service support to customers using our company’s installation services.

Iglo 5 Parameters

Window U coefficient ranges from 0,89 – to 1,39
Acoustic insulation from 34 (-2;-5) dB to 44 (-1;-4) dB

Window profile

Iglo Light

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Authorized Installation

1. Mobile Consultancy

In the areas of Silesia and the surrounding area, we perform measurements and consultancy at every stage of your investment.

2. Minimizing the Costs

Assembly and transport costs of our products are offered on very favourable terms.

3. Service Guarantee

Apart from the manufacturer's warranty, which covers the purchased products, we provide service guarantee.

4. Maximum satisfaction

Only high-quality installation is able to guarantee correct operation of products, while maintaining their properties.

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