Interior glass doors by DRE, Porta, GipsyKings

A glass door is a unique proposition for modern interiors. Thanks to the development of dedicated door frames by leading manufacturers, the doors can be easily assembled and adapted to existing openings.

A set of glass doors consists of tempered decorative safety glass, doorframe and fittings in aluminium and stainless steel.





Quality / Price Ratio:


Authorized installation

1. Mobile Consultancy

In the areas of Silesia and the surrounding area, we perform measurements and consultancy at every stage of your investment.

2. Minimizing the Costs

Assembly and transport costs of our products are offered on very favourable terms.

3. Service Guarantee

Apart from the manufacturer's warranty, which covers the purchased products, we provide service guarantee.

4. Maximum satisfaction

Only high-quality installation is able to guarantee correct operation of products, while maintaining their properties.